Youre giving a presentation and your boss asks, How did we do against last quarter, and this time last year?, and Let me see that as a percentage difference, or, Let me see those numbers by month instead of quarter. Of course, you are asked for the one metric you didnt prepare in advance.

But thats OK. In FreeSight, each of these is just a simple click or two.

Time-series data, specifically data that has a time or date field associated with it (e.g. transaction date or time) is hugely powerful in data analysis and reporting. Analyzing results by day, week, month or quarter is critical to virtually every business, as is the ability to look at those results comparatively over any period – day to day, month over month, quarter over quarter, this time last year, rolling year-to-date totals, and so on.

Unfortunately, this is not easy to do in most business reporting systems. Creating rolling reports with comparative date analyses are often meticulous and onerous formula-driven processes. Having had to face tasks like these numerous times in the past, we created FreeSight with the ability to handle time-series data and comparative analysis in straight-forward and intuitive ways.

A simple mouse-click allows you to switch the view of your data to any level of granularity within your data (seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years etc.).

Another mouse-click enables you to select which type of comparative analysis you wish to see – month vs. month, year-to-date, running averages, percentages, and more. FreeSight displays the data tables and charts for you immediately. No more complicated formulas. It’s done for you automatically!

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