Using most data tools, data integration requires one of either copy and paste, matching field tabs or column headers, consistent file formats, or some type of scripting or programming. In FreeSight, its just drag and drop”…

I recently did a search on how to merge multiple data files. Of course there were millions of search results found. Scanning a few, I saw many options and step by step instructions – from copy and paste techniques to various merging tools that align by column names, other tools that provide mapping, and so on.

Nowhere did I see a tool that provides an easy and elegant automated solution — except FreeSight. FreeSight allows you to simply drag and drop the files onto each other to automatically join them together. Alternatively, you can drag data files onto a workspace where FreeSight will automatically find and make the connections for you.

FreeSight’s algorithms create the linking using data matching techniques, not column names, and they usually get it right. Or, you can override FreeSight’s choice, and manually decide which fields to join by. Any data that is not matched is easily identifiable and easily correctable.

FreeSight works with Excel, Access, SQL, HTML, many standard database formats, and any data ported into text or .csv files.

It’s easier to show than to describe. Click the play button to see what we mean!