Data integration, data cleansing and reporting.
In a fraction of the time.

FreeSight software lets you complete tasks in minutes that would take hours, even days, using other tools.

Data Preparation

Joining and cleaning data from multiple files are now simple drag-and-drop and point-and-click processes.

Ad Hoc Queries & Analyses

“What if” analyses, data summarizations, charting and graphing are now automated, simple and fun tasks.


FreeSight automatically: imports your data, performs your operations (data joining, cleaning, filtering, calculations), creates your charts, ...and then exports the charts and tables into your report template.

More powerful and more flexible spreadsheet alternative for data work and reporting...

Huge Time Savings:
Patented technologies turn hours of work into minutes.
Increased Data Accuracy:
Simplifies and automates error-prone manual processes.
Audit Trail:
Automatic visible workflow and audit trail of your work.
Data Integrity:
Source data is never changed, and all edits are reversible.

What our customers say…


“Davies spent considerable time and money creating an extensive database of information about the governance policies of Canada’s largest companies.

“Thanks to FreeSight, with just a few ‘clicks’ we can now create comparative analyses and report on any aspects of this data in moments, providing our clients with valuable insights.

“In addition to being powerful and hugely flexible, FreeSight is surprisingly easy to use. All levels of our organization can use it – from admin through to partners.”


“We embarked on a huge research project for which we planned three weeks just to complete data clean-up and preliminary work.

“Using FreeSight, we were able to complete all of the data clean-up and pre-work in a single afternoon, and were able to begin conducting analyses the same day! The power and capabilities of this easy-to-learn and -use tool are amazing.”


“When I first heard about a service where a ‘push of a button’ could convert pages of spreadsheets into a templated output, it seemed to good to be true. But true it is.

“The FreeSight team have been focused, enthusiastic and dedicated to our needs before, during and following our adoption of the program.

“I would recommend them to anyone and in fact, other departments within our organization are already also reaping the benefits.”


“I first met the principals from Freesight at a demonstration of their product at our office. When I asked them to look at our advisor performance reporting right after the meeting, and I saw how quickly it created common reference points in a complicated and multi-tabbed spreadsheet, I knew that they were onto something.

“We hired them to automate a process that was very manual in our world. The end product is excellent to work with, and allows us to spend the time reviewing our advisor performance instead of creating the end result.

“They are very professional to work with and some other areas of our company have reached out to them for support as well.”


“FreeSight has turned hour long tasks into 5 minute tasks.

“The FreeSight product has been a real time saver. Tasks such as transposing thousands of rows of data, creating scripts that will update files at the click of a button, and data cleansing and aggregation are done quickly, efficiently and accurately with FreeSight.

“Plus, the team at FreeSight is readily available to answer any questions and offer any help that is needed.”


“I have had the opportunity to use this exciting new data management tool, and I think other researchers would also be interested in seeing how this remarkably intuitive program works. It saves hours of time cleaning, organizing and even analyzing data. For those who need more sophisticated analyses using SAS or SPSS, this tool is excellent for eyeballing the data and pointing out possible relationships. I am thrilled at all the uses I have discovered.”

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