FreeSight is a tool that performs
complex data processing operations
quickly and easily.

FreeSight is also a robust and powerful data processing engine
for automating data manipulation, analysis and reporting tasks.

The linked articles described below provide detail about:

Creating FreeSight Models

FreeSight is a powerful and easy to learn tool for doing one-off projects such as joining, cleaning, or summarizing and charting data. But the exponential benefit really kicks in when you build FreeSight models to automate reports or other tasks that you complete on a regular basis.

A simple icon-click or a refresh command allows you to complete tasks in minutes that used to take hours, or even days. Read more...

FreeSight Design and Architecture

This write-up discusses the basic structure and functioning of FreeSight:

  • What is FreeSight’s Home Page View and what can you do there?
  • What are the various types of Tables and other FreeSight features, and how do they connect?
  • Creating your FreeSight model and understanding the data flow.
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FreeSight automates this whole process. Read the following articles to see how.

  • Data Capture

    FreeSight works with data in any non-proprietary format with simple click and select or drag and drop importing capabilities. There is no special formatting required, no behind the scenes set-up or sophisticated importing algorithms to understand.

    Just drop in your data and start working. Click to learn more.

  • Data Integration

    Joining data from one file to another, or appending multiple sets of similar data together, is a patented “drag and drop” or “select and click” function in FreeSight. Tasks that take FreeSight seconds to accomplish will save you countless hours that you would otherwise spend copying and pasting, reformatting columns, and setting up lookup connections.

    This is not an exaggeration! Please read further.

  • Data Cleansing

    FreeSight’s unique and patented data management functions enable you to edit, clean and manipulate your data quickly and easily. In this write-up we explore some of FreeSight’s powerful editing and data management functions, use of Linked Tables and Reference Tables.

  • Data Analysis

    FreeSight’s Analysis Tables are what you wish pivot tables could be. They are simple to learn and use, infinitely flexible, and you have the combined power and benefits of being able to work in a pivot-table-like structure and a spreadsheet at the same time.

    Plus, while you work in an Analysis Table, FreeSight charts and displays your data for you automatically. Check it out!

  • Reporting

    Once your data editing, manipulation, crunching and analyses are completed, FreeSight makes it simple to print or export your charts and tables into stand alone files in any of multiple formats. Or you can paste or paste-link FreeSight tables into defined locations within templates in your presentation software (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint or other).

    And better still, you can automate the whole process so that every time you have a data update, FreeSight will automatically retrieve and import your new data, repopulate your charts and tables, and upate your presentation templates. Click here to learn more.

Expert Tip: Scripting for Automation

If you’ve ever programmed in batch, or created scripts with other tools, then you’ll appreciate the convenience and benefits that scripting in FreeSight brings to the table. If you haven’t, it’s not too hard to try it out!

The idea is straightforward – run a script, go refill your coffee, come back, and your job is done. Or you can set it up to run automatically overnight.

FreeSight is all about saving time, simplifying your data life, and automating everything that can be automated in the process. We provide a set of Scripting commands that enable you to update your FreeSight model with new data and run it with the click of an icon. Check it out!

Expert Tip: 11 Key Principles

...for working confidently and most productively in FreeSight:

The tools we have traditionally worked with over the years have conditioned us to think within the limitations of their capabilities. FreeSight removes many of those limitations, allowing you freedom and security to experiment freely with potential solutions without worrying about losing data, getting out of sync, forgetting your sequencing, or breaking something.

Here are 11 principles to keep in mind as you work in FreeSight, to help you work outside of the boxes you have been trained to work within.

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