Isnt there an easier way to work with pivot tables?

Summarizing data by using pivot-tables is a hugely powerful spreadsheet innovation. But if it were easy and intuitive to do, then more people would do it. There are thousands of websites, books, courses and seminars, and independent service providers dedicated to helping people understand and work with pivot tables. But even so, most end-users still don’t understand what they are, what they do, or how to work with them.

That’s why we made data analysis and summarization simple to do in FreeSight, even for a non-spreadsheet guru. In FreeSight:

  • Auto-chart allows you to create pivot-table-like Analysis Tables automatically. With a few mouse-clicks you select what fields of data you wish to analyze – and FreeSight figures out the best ways to summarize and display it.
  • FreeSight populates your Analysis Table automatically – what data goes on the side, or the top or the centre… Or you can drag and drop any field of data wherever you wish and FreeSight will summarize it and add it to your view. You can change, add or take away any data you wish.
  • Your data is also automatically charted and graphically displayed while you work – automatic data visualizations.
  • Your Analysis Table also functions like a spreadsheet wherein you can perform additional operations such as editing, adding or deleting columns of data, applying filters, formulas, and doing any type of analysis from within the table – all the while continuing to chart and display your data changes, automatically.

In essence, FreeSight has all the power of a pivot table and much more, while being simple to learn and use. Advanced pivot table users become exceedingly more expert and efficient, while new users gain data analysis capabilities that they didn’t have before.

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