FreeSight is so versatile and flexible it would be hard to list all possible uses. Here are ten hugely powerful and real examples of what our customers do with FreeSight, often as an alternative to spreadsheet data processing and reporting. Click on the headers below for more detail. Each link takes you to a short description of how FreeSight’s unique and patented approaches to data integration, cleansing, analysis and reporting have assisted our customers.

Larger Companies

Regulatory Reporting and Reconciliation to GL – for a large Bank

FreeSight automatically imports and joins dozens of files, highlights discrepancies for immediate action, and exports a report into a templated format for distribution.

Financial Reporting – for a large international Bank

Integrates over 180 source data files, normalizes them, applies complex processing rules and currency conversions, and exports summarized data into a report template – all with one click of a button.

  Database Querying, Charting and Reporting – for a large Law Firm

Just because one has the data doesnt mean its easy to access and understand. FreeSight takes that burden away, allowing this customer to spend time reviewing and analyzing the data, not just creating reports.

Data Integration of Multiple Sales Files – for a large Telecommunications Company

It takes one click and less than five minutes to import over 100 files into one clean data table for analysis and charting.

Medium Sized Companies

Mutual Fund Performance Reporting – for a mid-sized Mutual Fund Company

Every quarter, mutual fund companies have to report and chart the performance of all of their mutual funds. For our customer, FreeSight has automated this huge and onerous task to the click of a button.

  Accounting Forecast Revisions and Comparisons – for a mid-sized Non-Profit Organization

FreeSight reduces data manipulations and ad hoc queries from taking days per month, to only minutes.

Cleaning Dirty Data for Analysis – for a mid-sized Manufacturing Company

A 70,000-row messy text file is cleaned automatically and formatted for analysis by just dropping it into FreeSight.

  Data Cleansing for Research Study – for a top Canadian University, Academic Research Paper

Three weeks was budgeted for data integration and cleansing for a research project. It took a total of three hours using FreeSight.

Smaller Organizations

Product and Customer Analysis – for a small Medical Products Company

How did a non-technical Marketing person become the companys data expert?

  Combining and Cleaning Customer Data from three Systems – for a small Non-Profit Organization

Three sets of customer (donor) data from three different database systems, containing duplicates, inconsistent spelling, and inconsistent address formatting are merged and cleaned in hours instead of weeks.