Every company needs to do analyses of their customers and their product sales. The question is, how easy it is to aggregate and integrate all of the necessary data into a master table for reporting and ad hoc queries?

“One of the guys from the Marketing Department” of a small medical products company, who is not a data analyst or spreadsheet guru, stumbled upon FreeSight and downloaded a free trial. Within minutes he dropped his product sales and customer sales data into FreeSight and started creating charts, graphs and tables reflecting their product sales by customer, by region, by time span, and so on.

His associates were amazed at how quickly he started turning around answers to their data-related questions. The company’s IT and financial (spreadsheet) people couldn’t understand how, not only did he get the answers quickly, but the answers came complete with charts and graphs.

In short, this “Marketing guy” quickly has become the data expert for his company!