and formatting reports that I dont have enough time to thoroughly analyze the data and do ad hoc queries. What if I could turn that ratio around spend less time cleaning and more time in the analysis?

That is the point of FreeSight

Anyone who has ever been through the exercise knows how onerous and tedious data cleaning can be. Data duplications, multiple spellings, missing values, incorrectly applied values, populating new fields… the list goes on.

Plus, it’s a thankless task and a never-ending chore. Anytime new data is updated or appended to the dataset, the task needs to be repeated yet again. Why can’t the process be completed once, and then become an automated process thereafter?

Actually it can be.

FreeSight, among many other things, is a data management tool that simplifies data cleaning – from simple edits and error corrections to mass changes. Behind the scenes, FreeSight retains all of your original values so you can always and easily see what data was changed – and revert if necessary. Plus, it displays all of your data cleansing steps and processes in a workflow-like model that is completely transparent so that you, or anyone else involved, can see what was done to your data.

Then, when data is to be updated or new data is to be added to your report or analysis, with a simple click of a “Refresh” command, FreeSight can automatically go out and retrieve your new dataset and import it. FreeSight applies all of your data cleansing rules to the new data automatically.

Isn’t that worth trying?  Download a free 30-day trial and see for yourself.