Why is end-user computing such a problem for IT?

Data integrity, audit trail, spreadsheet governance, process control, securityThe answer contains a long list.

IT needs controls and systems in place to ensure proper governance and auditability over sensitive corporate data. Enterprise-level BI and other systems and processes aim to address these issues and more, but they often fall short in delivering some of the capabilities that users need.

End-users want to be able to do ad hoc queries and analyses on their own, quickly and accurately, when they need them, using flexible and robust tools that they understand.

That’s where FreeSight fits in. It bridges the gap between end-users’ needs for control over their work, and IT’s need for governance and data integrity.

FreeSight is a desktop self-service BI tool that extends the power of spreadsheet-like processing to tasks such as data integration, data cleansing, data analyses, automated reporting and more. As an alternative to spreadsheets, it gives end-users complete flexibility to do their analyses and reporting as they would in a spreadsheet or visualization tool – but with controls in place to ensure data integrity, audit trail and spreadsheet governance. Easy to learn as well!

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