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Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions

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Using FreeSight

Basic Navigation How to move around in FreeSight.

Creating, Opening, Saving and Printing FreeSight Data Set Files Basic file commands.

Importing Data Into FreeSight How to get data into FreeSight.

Exporting Data From FreeSight How to get data out of FreeSight.

Types of Tables The different types of data tables you can have in FreeSight, and what they do.

Connections Between Tables The different types of relationships you can have between data tables.

The Home Page View: Working With One or More Entire Tables Creating and connecting data tables.

The Table View: Working With Data Within a Table Working with rows, columns and cells in a table.

Analyzing and Charting Data Understanding and visualizing your data.

Automatic Recovery Feature Recovering from a system failure without losing any work.

Automating FreeSight Using Scripting Performing regular FreeSight tasks automatically.


Reference Information

List of All Commands

List of All Functions

Regular Expressions


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